Client: Un Pic De Love!
Work: Mural art
Location: Moldova
Date: 2018

Photo credits: Maxim Ciumash,

Details: Contest for designing a mural in center of Chisinau.
Contest for personalization of 300 sq meters facade in heart of Chisinau, in front of the National History Museum.
It was made an online contest with a participation of local artists on the subject Un Pic De Love [A little bit of Love]. Dozens of artists participated with their artworks and after a public online voting, my “carpet” won.

“The carpet” is one of our national symbols and I decided that it will be the most representative element for our city. The design is inspired by my granny’s handmade carpet.

We had to cover the wall in 2 weeks. This project was implemented by BTA crew, local street artist, in collaboration with other local street artists. I, also, was a part of working team.

Un Pic De Love was an idea and project made by with the sponsorship of Orange Moldova. The light projection show was made by the guys from

© Nicolae Morozov 
Multidisciplinary graphic designer and art direction.