Client: Personal Project
Work: Branding & Logo design
Date: 2023

Details: In the post-Soviet Union area, recycling kiosks offer collection points for materials like glass, paper, and metal. Sadly, I exchanged 25 kilos of old Soviet books for a meager reimbursement of 12.50 lei (approximately $0.65). This highlighted the diminished value of these once significant books and the wealth of information they held.

However, before parting with them, I scanned the books as a graphic designer, captivated by the vintage charm and intricate designs. Preserving their essence, I uploaded the scanned images on Tumblr, sharing these relics with the online community. It was a bittersweet reminder of the fleeting nature of value in a digital age, where even substantial quantities of books hold little monetary worth.

© Nicolae Morozov 
Multidisciplinary graphic designer and art direction.